About Tydd Pottery 


It’s all change here at Tydd Pottery. From January this year we have been carrying out a long-held desire to learn to make a type of pottery quite different from the blue and white tin glazed earthenware we have been producing for many years. So at present all our efforts are directed to this end.


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One of our main sources of inspiration are the pots produced over many generations by the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico USA. Without the use of kiln, wheels and glazes they created pots of amazing quality and design.

We are engaged in efforts to make individual  vessels built up from flattened coils which are subsequently pinched, scraped  and beaten into shape using hands and a variety of implements. The results are slipped, burnished and low fired in an electric kiln to produce a smooth white surface suitable for decoration.        

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The   patterns are initially worked out in soft pencil and then black oxides are applied by brush and a second higher firing fixes the designs. The vessel is completed by sealing the interior surface and waxing and polishing the exterior.

Each vessel takes many hours to complete and each is the result of input by us both—to produce what we hope is an object of striking beauty.

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2010 - present

2010 - present